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PLT GreenSchools! Water Investigations (Grades 4-8)

When: Jul. 11, 2017
Where: LEARN
Address: 44 Hatchetts Hill Rd, Old Lyme , CT
Time: 9:00 - 3:30
Instructor(s): Kathy Brooks, Elizabeth Kendall


IMPORTANT 2017 eesmarts Workshops Updates

The eesmarts team wants to keep our professional development workshops engaging and interactive while making them available to all Connecticut educators. Please note these changes that will allow us run sustainable workshops which build capacity for Connecticut education agencies.  

  • In order to build capacity, enrollment preference will be given to educators who are new to eesmarts.  Educators registering for a workshop for the third time in three years will have the option to be placed on a standby list and will be notified one week before the workshop if there is space and will have the option to attend.
  • Electronic Handouts. Check your email! You will receive the workshop handouts via email from CREC ( or about two days before the workshop, please keep an eye out for this email.  You can print the materials and bring them if you want, or use them for reference later.
  • Please bring your own lunch. If you bring a sustainable and waste free lunch you will be entered into a raffle to win eco-friendly prizes.

Workshops are interactive and cross disciplinary, featuring inquiry-based, hands-on activities.  Workshop agenda items include:

  • Amount of potable water
  • Every Drop Counts Lesson
  • Connecticut Watershed Activities
  • Water Wonders Lesson
  • Walk through the GreenSchools Curriculum on Water

This workshop is the first step to becoming a PLT CT GreenSchool!

  1. Participate in a PLT CT Professional Development Workshop
  2. Form a PLT CT GreenSchools! Team
  3. Complete five PLT CT GreenSchools! Investigations - Energy, Water, Waste/Recycling, School Site, and Environmental Quality
  4. Take Action
  5. Celebrate Success
  6. Find out more by visiting PLT's website at

Benefits of attending an eesmarts Summer Institute Workshop also include:

  • Receive $100 stipend (per day)
  • Receive free program lessons and materials for your classroom. All eesmarts and Project Learning Tree lessons are fully aligned with Connecticut Science Framework and NGSS 
  • Gain knowledge, confidence and skills for teaching your students about energy, energy conservation, renewable energy sources and efficient technologies
  • Receive a free pass to one of the Energize Connecticut museum partners

*This professional development workshop is open to CT educators only.