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Energy Transformations: Intro (Grades 3-5)

When: Nov. 28, 2017
Where: Energize Connecticut Center
Address: 122 Universal Drive North , North Haven , CT
Time: 9:00 - 3:00
Instructor(s): Becky Tonkinson, Briana Marsh


Workshops are interactive and cross disciplinary, featuring inquiry-based, hands-on activities.  Workshop agenda items include:

  • Solar energy and the water cycle
  • Seeds to food
  • Energy pathways
  • Magnetism and electromagnets
  • Learning to use heat from the sun
  • Bottle shake inquiry-based lesson

Benefits of attending an eesmarts Workshop also include:

  • Receive $100 stipend (per day)
  • Receive free program lessons and materials for your classroom. All eesmarts and Project Learning Tree lessons are fully aligned with Connecticut Science and Mathematics Framework standards and NGSS 
  • Gain knowledge, confidence and skills for teaching your students about energy, energy conservation, renewable energy sources and efficient technologies
  • Receive a free pass to one of the Energize Connecticut museum partners

*This professional development workshop is open to CT educators only.