eesmarts™ Annual Student Contest Poster

2017 Student Contest!

The 2016 Finalists at the Awards Ceremony in the State Capitol

The 2016 Finalists at the Awards Ceremony in the State Capitol

Energize Connecticut Announces the 13th Annual eesmarts™ Statewide Student Contest

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (February 6, 2017) – Energize Connecticut, in partnership with Eversource and AVANGRID, Inc. subsidiaries United Illuminating, Southern Connecticut Gas and Connecticut Natural Gas, is now accepting entries for its 13th annual eesmarts Student Contest. The contest encourages students to create projects about energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability. The deadline for entries is April 28, 2017.

The eesmarts Student Contest is open to Connecticut students in Grades K-12 and college. Finalists in all categories and grade levels will be honored at a special awards ceremony on June 2, 2017 at the State Capitol in Hartford.

2017 Contest Prizes:

Prizes for each grade level, K - 12

First Place: $200

Second Place: $100

Third Place: $50

For grade levels K-12, winners will receive Amazon® Gift Cards.

How to Submit An Entry:

All entries must be uploaded or postmarked by Friday, April 28, 2017.

FOR GRADES 3-12 - All entries must be submitted online. Please be sure to read the file restrictions before uploading.

FOR GRADES KINDERGARTEN-2 - All entries must be mailed to:

eesmarts Contest
c/o Capitol Region Education Council
Attention: Gio Koch
111 Charter Oak Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

Contest Prompts by Grade Level:

Students in Grades K-8 are assigned grade-specific topics and asked to submit their entries in the form of a poster (Grades K-2), narrative (Grade 3), news article (Grade 4), book review (Grade 5), essay (Grade 6), speech (Grade 7), or public service announcement (Grade 8).

Students in Grades 9-11 are asked to propose a community-based project to address an energy-related issue. Students may work in groups of up to five members and the winning team’s school will receive funding to make their proposed project a reality before the end of 2017. The eesmarts program provides grants for first, second and third place.

Kindergarten, Grade 1 & Grade 2 - Saving Energy Poster Design
Design a poster that shows how you can save energy around the house, or at school. Be creative and show your smarts in saving energy (e.g., turning off lights, using ENERGY STAR® appliances and LED lights, unplugging electronics when they are not in use, or * Wait Til 8).

Grade 3 - Narrative
Write a fictional narrative (250 words or less) about recycling; think reduce, reuse, recycle. The problem in your narrative should be focused on the Earth’s limited resources and the importance of recycling in order to conserve those limited resources.

Grade 4 - News Article
Write a news article (250 words or less) for your local paper covering the importance of saving energy. Be sure to cover how readers can save energy in their own homes. Your article should include facts about energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation. Remember to use a strong lead and supporting detail for your article.

Grade 5 - Book Review
Write a book review (250 words or less) for Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg
that includes:
• What is the book about?
• How does this book help children to understand the importance of conserving our natural resources and conserving energy?
• What is the book’s theme or message?
• Your understanding and opinion about the book.

Note: If your school library does not have a copy of this book, teachers, please email to receive one at no charge.

Grade 6 - Persuasive Essay
The United States Constitution is the highest law in the U.S. and we all live by its rules. Write a persuasive essay (300 words or less) to your parent(s) or guardian(s) convincing them to adopt a Family Energy Constitution. Make sure to address energy conservation and using energy-efficient technologies (e.g., ENERGY STAR appliances, LED light bulbs, etc.).

Grade 7 - Persuasive Speech
You are providing important testimony before members of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Energy and Technology Committee about why our State should become more energy efficient. Write a persuasive speech (300 words or less) about your recommendations for energy conservation, energy-efficient technologies and clean, renewable energy sources. Make sure to consider both sides of the argument (e.g., energy efficiency saves money on energy / solutions for fixing the budget).

Grade 8 - Script for a Public Service Announcement
Prepare a public service announcement (:30 seconds) for the * Wait Til 8 campaign. Make sure the information is accurate and that the message is clear and persuasive. Winners may be asked to record their PSA to be used as advertising for Energize Connecticut programs.

High School Grades 9-11 - Community Based Project
Create a plan for a project that will help to address energy-related issues in your community. The plan should focus on energy conservation behaviors. The plan must include background information, data (e.g., projected energy savings and monetary savings), a draft timeline and an estimated project budget to be completed in one year time.

Plans will be evaluated on feasibility, detail and impact, use of energy-saving technologies, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. For projects to be implemented at your school or a town building be sure to work with the facilities personnel, administration, etc.

Note: Can be an individual or group of 5 members or less. Winners will be awarded funding toward implementation of the project. Funding up to $1,500 for 1st place, $1,000 for 2nd place, $500 for 3rd place.

High School Grade 12 - Persuasive Image
Produce a “Persuasive Image” in words, pictures, or video that advocates for an energy topic. Write a short poem (125 words or less), draw a cartoon strip (12 cells or less), or make a video (:30 seconds) on energy conservation, an alternate energy source, or environmental concern. Picture yourself meeting with a friend whose attitude on the issue you wish to change to match your opinion.

Entries will be evaluated based on scientific validity and concise and convincing imagery. Every word counts; remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. Video formats must be compatible with Windows® Media Player.

College - "Wright the World" Play
Click Here to download the complete College Level Prompt, including details on entry submission and prizes.

The new "Wright the World" category invites college students, enrolled in a two or four year college or university in Connecticut, to write a 25-35 minute play that supports the eesmarts curriculum and mission. The play should be written for a young audience, preferably Grades K-5. Students should learn what energy and electricity are and how they are used, what energy resources are, how energy is used and wasted/overused, and what it means to use energy sustainably – at home, at school. The winner will have the opportunity to produce the play for a school tour during the 2017-2018 academic calendar


Good luck to all! For more details, please click here to download the official contest booklet.

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