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eesmarts™ Museum Partnerships

As part of the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund's educational and public outreach efforts, several interactive exhibits relating to energy, energy efficiency and clean renewable energy sources have been funded at museums and science centers throughout Connecticut. These exhibits raise awareness in school-age children, educators and parents about the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficiency. Exhibits are available to visitors throughout the state.

The SmartLiving™ Center in Orange, CT
The Energize CT Center

Energize Connecticut Center

122 Universal Drive North
North Haven, CT 06473
Phone: (203) 799-0460
Toll Free: (866) 762-7899
Fax: (203) 799-0447
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The Center is an interactive, professionally staffed facility that combines displays, educational tours, and a resource center to educate and empower the residents of Connecticut about energy. Exhibits showcase the benefits of energy efficient choices, including: cost savings, comfort, convenience, sustainability, and environmental impacts.

Through guided or self-guided tours, visitors will learn about: energy sources, electricity generation, the important role energy plays in daily life, and ways to use energy wisely. In the resource center, visitors can learn about programs and financing available to implement energy efficiency and renewable solutions in their home or business.

After a visit to the Center, Connecticut residents of all ages will be empowered to make smart energy choices at home, at work, and in their community.

School tours for grades K-12 are aligned to state curriculum standards in math and science and tie in concepts from eesmarts lessons!

Conference Space
A meeting space that holds up to 100 people is available for meetings, seminars, events or conferences! Please call or email for availability.

The Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, CT
The Connecticut Science Center

Connecticut Science Center

Energy City Gallery, 6th Floor
250 Columbus Blvd., Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: (860) 724-3623
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The Energy City Gallery is a model sustainable community named "Greenslope" featuring energy-efficient technologies and clean, renewable energy sources that power the buildings instead of fossil fuels. The family-friendly gallery contains exhibits on sustainability, product life cycles, efficient windows, passive solar design, energy-efficient appliances/lights, green building design, wind, solar photovoltaics, biomass and fossil fuels. The multi-media exhibits illustrate the relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption, and the interactive exhibits emphasize to students, educators and families the importance of changing the way we use energy.

The gallery is jointly sponsored by the Energy Efficiency Fund and the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund.

The Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, CT
The Discovery Museum

The Discovery Museum

4450 Park Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06604
Phone: (203) 372-3521
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The Discovery Museum's Energy Exhibit features different sources of energy, including nonrenewable and renewable resources, and allows visitors to actively participate in the generation, transmission and conservation of energy.

Students learn through interactive displays how energy is created from four types of energy sources: fossil fuels, hydropower, solar panels and wind turbines and then transforms into electricity transmitted to our homes and businesses. Inside the exhibit's home, visitors can choose between efficient and inefficient appliances while watching the electric demand change on the house's meter.

Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk, CT
Stepping Stones Museum for Children

Stepping Stones Museum for Children

Matthews Park
303 West Ave., Norwalk, CT 06850
Phone: (203) 899-0606
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Stepping Stones Museum for Children is an award-winning, private, non-profit 501(c)(3) children's museum in Norwalk, CT committed to broadening and enriching the lives of children and families. Energy Lab is an immersive solar, wind and water exhibit at the museum where children learn about the science of energy, including sources, uses and emerging alternatives. Activities include an energy wall, a water lab, a giant wind tunnel and a solar lab. Children can also crawl below the surface of the earth to see the origin of nonrenewable energy sources.